Tight Jeans & Faddish Sunglasses



Tight jeans & faddish sunglasses

Bra straps hanging out of her wife beater

Sometimes it’s all just too much

Pressures of the world & how it will defeat her


It all comes back to the blues

Basic emotions of love and life

All the desires we grew up wanting

She only wanted kids & to be a wife


You don’t always get what you want

Sometimes you don’t get what you need

There’s no time to think of you

With a broken soul & hungry mouths to feed

14 thoughts on “Tight Jeans & Faddish Sunglasses

  1. For some reason, your words made me think of the song, “Jack & Diane”. Sounds like Jack found his way out .. but not Diane. But I’m sure they both “done best they can”.

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      1. As I age, I learn that wants fade and needs intercede. That can leave one even lonelier. Thanks for sharing your words.


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