Removing A Sweater

Removing a sweater

Revealing warm skin

Like unwrapping a woman

Such a beautiful moment

Nothing like it

The moment never lasts

Only memories remain



6 thoughts on “Removing A Sweater

      1. Must clean my glasses. I read ‘I’ll be 70 this week.’ Life is made up of moments. We are a result of those moments. Sometimes though, fear exists, not in the moment itself but in the fact that the moment must end and if that is so, do we forgo the moment altogether or accept it?


  1. Ha! Well, some would say that I have the personality of a 70 year old!

    Once again, I agree! I allowed fear to rule much of my youth. I clung to the wrong women out of fear and I didn’t take chances with the right women because of that same fear.

    All in all, through dumb luck & stubborn perseverance I have built a pretty special life around me. I can’t complain. I hope some of that gratitude comes through in my words.


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