Empty Streets Late After Dark


Empty streets late after dark

Rain tries to wash away transgression

The anonymous walk back on home

Another night’s bout of depression

Hidden moments of solitude

Lonely stretches of cold concrete

Distant lights seem to fade away

Damp steps along an unknown street

There once was a place to go

Reasons for each & every step

Though all that was lost long ago

Into my bottle of cheap wine I wept


14 thoughts on “Empty Streets Late After Dark

  1. I’ve felt this lonely and lost feeling recently…going through the motions….no real feelings…just hanging on, waiting on the next chapter….so truthfully written.

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    1. Thank you, Kitten! We have to keep searching for our place in the world. As long as you’re searching, you’ll be okay. Life isn’t easy, in fact sometimes it sucks, but you’ll appreciate it more on the other side. In the meantime, enjoy the current chapter you’re writing as much as you can. I promise there’s good & beautiful pages!

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  2. Terrific, love the mood you’ve captured. I’d like to think that this poem speaks to all of us at some point during our lives. “Rain tries to wash away transgression”, this is such a great line! Have a wonderful Wednesday! ~ Mia


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