Give Me More Of That Of That Golden Perfection


Give me more of that of that golden perfection
Cast off anything not worthy of this glass
I do not care for your rants on responsibility
Do what you want, I know the value of a piece of ass
I find myself conflicted, this is a sullen day
Contradicting my words at every other turn
Personal beliefs & those everlasting tastes
Can I fix myself before I eternally burn
I push aside those apocalyptic thoughts
Look out towards those signs of salvation
Please walk with me Lord, I cannot do this alone
Lead me to surpass this decaying creation


19 thoughts on “Give Me More Of That Of That Golden Perfection

      1. I have found that blogging makes me more optimistic in my writing. I don’t want to put negative vibes out there, so I add a hopeful slant to it. Part of me doesn’t want to have an audience alter my writing, but I am grateful for the motivation to be hopeful.

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      2. Thank you, Tiffany. This is the second version of this blog, I’m still not used to the interaction 100%. For decades I just wrote for myself. I enjoy this (or I’d cease posting), but it is interesting the extra layers it adds to the words chosen. I’m just happy that you & others enjoy my posts.

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