Fallen Out Of The Boat Like A Circus Freak


Fallen out of the boat like a circus freak
This cluttered mind has fallen loose
Tumblin’ dice along this sweaty creek
Your necktie makes a perfect noose
Still haunted by that world class whore
I can still taste her filthy mouth
I’m making wide strokes for that shore
Continuing on, I’m heading down south
Gotta find a life that’s goin’ well
Gotta find a way to keep above the swells


9 thoughts on “Fallen Out Of The Boat Like A Circus Freak

    1. Thank you, Rita! It’s another older one that I tweaked a bit at the last second. I was very visual when I was writing a lot of these, whereas now I think I try to strike an emotional cord more.

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      1. And you do it well! I can sink into these words. I love your poetry and your prose.

        I must confess that my favorite to date is the Pal and the Laptop. Tee hee

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      2. Thank you, Rita. (I know I say that a lot, but I’m truly grateful.) I need to find some more stories. I posted more on a older blog. I might have to dust some of them off. 🙂

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      3. It’s appreciated every time. ‘Thank you’ seems to be a phrase from an ancient language many days, so it’s always a welcome treat. I’d love to read them when you do.

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      4. I do too. I was at a store the other day with my 82 year old mother and watched as we were approaching the door as a little boy (had to be about 5) stood there and waiting for my mom to get up the sidewalk so he could hold the door. I just about burst into tears.

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