Gentleman John’s blues


Gentleman John’s blues
Lost oneself on the mountain
Detached living


6 thoughts on “Gentleman John’s blues

  1. I really like that your post image is a woman though. Maybe you like posting women images more. But that also shows you learn maybe a lot from women and are fascinated by how even stereotypes are broken by their multidimensional ways of learning, acting and self-reflection.And for Gentleman John his “detached living” may be a positive thing? It depends on the lifestyle John used to live before he felt he needed this break.

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    1. I think a lot of it is that I scoff at society & their rules, if I even think about it at all. I believe ‘detached living’ is indeed a positive thing. Reliance on our modern culture cannot be doing anyone any good. We need time along to cultivate a healthy soul.

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      1. But I like that you seem to “want” a female presence or body in your work. As the female body is still open to metamorphosis (hmm, given me an idea).

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