Parallel Parking In Time


Parallel parking in time
You’ve got me braked on a hill
With a view of the bay
Though I think I’ve had my fill
No longer will I remain here
Must move to the forest floor
The city has shifted
Don’t feel the magic anymore


6 thoughts on “Parallel Parking In Time

  1. I like how simple but loaded your poems are. It’s like I don’t wanna love you anymore if you only like this static existence. It may seem a bit selfish. But, I don’t think it necessarily is. I think you want her to come along on loving something new as well. And yes, city-magic gets boring. I experienced it myself and know this. It can be very debilitating being a dandy for a long time ad dandyism is meant to be a solitary journey and incorporates many negative components of a bachelor which become unsustainable. So, yeah good call Captain Q =)

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