It’s A Timeless & Natural Progression


It’s a timeless & natural progression
Men have left the fields & taken to the sea
Leaving behind pretty girls along the way
Thinking there was something greater to be
Many returned to those green farms to die
Though some were never the same men
You can never un-see what lies beyond
Home is an adventure you can recover from then


9 thoughts on “It’s A Timeless & Natural Progression

      1. Sweet! I watch both~what you wrote just reminds me of those types of shows. My husband should’ve been born in those eras! If you watch TWD (The Walking Dead) I am married to Daryl 🙂
        So, what I am really saying to you is you just seem like a manly kind of man. I am feeling like I should open mouth, insert foot, sorry! I don’t know you that well but here goes the push of send anyways! I enjoy your blog!

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      2. Thank you, Lisa! I don’t watch TWD, but I’ve heard a lot of god things. I’m not as manly as some, but I’m probably in the sweet spot of being able to fix things, not get lost in the woods and write a poem about it. 😉


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