It’s Been A Long Night


It’s been a long night
My soul is now creaking
Make me feel good (handsome)
A soft bed is all I’m seeking
My head hurts from fatigue
Your sweetness now applies
Lay me down to slumber
With mercy in your eyes


18 thoughts on “It’s Been A Long Night

      1. It’s intriguing me. I don’t use images, or at least, I don’t anymore. This is in part because I want my words to present an image to the reader. I’m not judging the use of images, absolutely not but I’ve never given thought to using an image of a man. Food for thought.

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      2. I used to not use images and when I started to, I was worried about overshadowing the words. Clearly I’ve given up worrying about that! I tend to use images that go along with what I think when writing the poem. Women have always been a theme with my writing. I mean, I started writing as a awkward adolescent to impress a girl. I failed miserably, but I’m still awkward if that helps!

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      3. I agree. I think it is always given that women are “picturesque” than men or can be used in photos and all of that. And men are photographically more “absent” I should use some men/young men images 😀

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      4. No. I challenge you to use something with more experience and character…perhaps an octogenarian, French…with a pipe and flat cap.

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