I Love You, Dear Woman


I love you, dear woman
You make this life worth living
You always know how to make me smile
You really care & are always giving
I’m proud to call you my wife
You’re beautiful with ample –
Damnit –

What rhymes with cleavage?

*previously posted on former blog


17 thoughts on “I Love You, Dear Woman

  1. Hahaha. I’ve read this before but still cracks me up… I thought of seepage too, beverage? Message? Presage? Freeways? Lol . Tried my best. Can’t think of anything else now. Damn , you drained my poor brain

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  2. The British would say “Leaverage”. But not sure that would help.
    If my man ever had something to say like this, first I would faint, then I would wonder if aliens had abducted him and replaced him with a clone.
    I have to appreciate him for his other talents and virtues.
    But it’s nice to know that there are men out there who still use words like these. 😊 sigh.

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