I’m Not Perfect


I’m not perfect
Your knees won’t tremble from this aging face
I don’t possess Herculean strength
But somewhere inside I can summon a poet’s grace
I’m not Michelangelo’s David
Don’t have the portfolio of Scrooge McDuck
I’m a normal guy with abnormal passions
But of your opinions…. I don’t really care


13 thoughts on “I’m Not Perfect

  1. Well you should care, I will tell you that I did see Micheal of the Angel up front when I was in Rome, I asked David why was he naked and letting Anegelo make a sculpture of him, the respons was weird…. IΒ΄m just a dude..go figure that one out, point being, yep, who cares what the say about you or me or them, as you well know life is tough and if I had to thing about what people thought about me then i would commit suicide, is just not in my nature to think about what other think of me.
    Good advice by my father when I was a kid ” If you donΒ΄t make enemies in life then you are not living your own life” I have no clue why I put that in quotations,, got it?

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