Don’t Love Me Because I’m Beautiful


Don’t love me because I’m beautiful

Love me in spite of the darkness of my soul’s shade

I’m trying to outlast the setting sun

To still be relevant after your attention begins to fade


10 thoughts on “Don’t Love Me Because I’m Beautiful

  1. Usually your images are that of strikingly, gorgeous, beautiful women (who I know I am not like hehehehe but who I can appreciate) this poem came with another beauty — male beauty — which, I feel is so overlooked and relegated nowadays. And VULNERABLE MALE BEAUTY IS BEAUTIFUL. The words were beautiful too. The fact the man has his hand on a rosary also is extremely beautiful. It’s a prayer. A vigil (as you mentioned darkness) that even with flawed body, flawed characteristics that he deserving of love and that love deserves him too. Absolutely beautiful.

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  2. Reblogged this on Iconography ♠ Incomplete and commented:
    Nowadays, we usually contrast beauty and faith. As in what we consider attractive or sensual as something more corporeal than spiritual. The complex web of beauty, attraction and love is not always categorisable. And in this poem, whether it was intentional or not, CaptainQ shows how beautiful can also be someone’s vulnerable hand clutched around a rosary 🙂


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