Twirling Her Hair


Twirling her hair
Within her youthful spirit
Painting life with energy
Trying to love anyone who’ll hear it
Sun bleached in her salted bikini
But being pretty derives no wealth
Art is a side effect of feeling
In happiness, you must first love yourself


Sitting In Front Of The Vanity


Sitting in front of the vanity
Deciphering all your beauty marks
You see lines, wrinkles & blemishes
I see my very own Domestic Monarch
You’ll never see what my soul knows
But, I know how lucky I am to have this view
I’ll spend my days discovering new ways to cherish
I’m grateful you allow me to share eternity with you

Not Trying To Be Wittier Than You


Not trying to be wittier than you

Perhaps I just am

You launch into hate

But I still don’t give a damn

Loud noises in place of words

You may stop with all your needs

My soul is immune to you

You say “asshole!” I say “indeed”

An Answer Too Perfect To Contemplate


An answer too perfect to contemplate
Reaching in to wipe it from your eyes
An emotional outlier you don’t believe
Unbeknownst to you, it’s the proper size
Holding back, not wanting to combust
An extra breath, expecting a bramble
A grandiose surprise stopping you cold
Perhaps we weren’t prepared for that gamble