Warren Zevon


“I’m hiding in Honduras
I’m a desperate man
Send lawyers, guns and money
The shit has hit the fan”

-Warren Zevon, Lawyers, Guns and Money


11 thoughts on “Warren Zevon

      1. I took a look myself, he does 3 songs. In the sidebar on youtube there was also his first appearance with Dave, ’83 I think.. he did a GREAT performance of Excitable Boy.


      2. I also had a listen to one not heard in a long time–Poor Poor Pitiful Me. . love the lyrics, especially the first verse::
        ‘I laid my head on the railroad tracks, waiting for the Double E, but the train don’t run down here no more . . poor poor pitiful me.”

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      3. I started watching it last night. I didn’t realize how funny he was. I’ll go back to finish it tonight. Thank you for telling me about it.


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