From The Brink Of Normality


From the brink of normality
Brought back to stranger realms
Blinking away the intense pitch black
Delirious dreams remain at the helm
Beauty a steady crushing force
Never before seen lips so malevolent
Unknown to a rapturous mind
Leaving us only with our original intent


7 thoughts on “From The Brink Of Normality

      1. not to plug my post or anything but I added another cartoon to Little Red Riding Rabbit since you saw it– Daffy Duck & Porky Pig- ‘Fool Coverage’ (Daffy the insurance salesman).. with the baby zebra thing

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      2. I was quite surprized to see that 2nd one was done -6 4- years ago ! and the first one even earlier. That blows my mind. . the Warner Brothers cartoons are the gold standard.

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