I’ve Bought You Fancy Dresses & Heels


I’ve bought you fancy dresses & heels

Those diamonds symbols I’ll always care

I love to see your pearls upon your décolletage

But still – a smile is my favorite thing you wear

*previously published on former blog


34 thoughts on “I’ve Bought You Fancy Dresses & Heels

      1. Yes, I get that. I’ve contemplated the video thing, and thought ‘do they really need to see my face in there?’ Lol. I did enjoy the audio though, look forward to more of those. 🙂

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      2. I didn’t enjoy filming. I was paranoid about how I looked & if I was being weird. I didn’t focus on the words. What I learned is that I’m too vain & not pretty enough for the camera. (That’s a horrible combination!)

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      3. I’d probably do the same thing, I hate using Skype for that very reason. We have to get to the point of not caring, and deciding if our lovely faces need viewing. Lately I’ve been watching some poetry readings on youtube, which are amazing, but they’ve been at it for some time – as in, complete comfort reading, and being in front of a camera. Not us, with princesses running, and screaming in the background. Lol. 😉


      4. Exactly, I’ll settle for a simpler medium where I can be more comfortable. I’m already hesitant about using images. I don’t want to distract from my words. I hope I’m finding a good combination with everything mixed together.

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      5. I’m too much of a picture whore, I go everywhere with my camera these days. I think it’s a nice compliment, you always do a great job. Only those hot women are distracting, but I suspect we like that. Oh yes, and trains falling out of windows !! 😉

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      6. Thank you, Elizabeth! I realize most of the images out there are of models and other fictitious creatures. If I have the choices that fit the poem, I try to choose a more ‘normal’ image. Sometimes those images are jarring, so I don’t pick them. I don’t want the images to distract either way – too beautiful or too real. Does that make sense? Or am I just trying to convince myself?

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      7. You’re totally trying to convince yourself. I’m joking. Go with what moves you personally, that’s always my vote (not that I get one, since I choose whatever the hell I want). For me personally, I’m moved by many different things, I’ll usually go with the first thing that says ‘yes’ to me.
        Not a damn thing wrong with a model, they are photographed for a reason after all!

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      8. I also pick the first thing that clicks for me. I’m not quite giving out votes, I enjoy getting feedback, so thank you.

        A little about me: I don’t have any sisters & didn’t have a real girlfriend until college. I’ve always been in love with the idea of women, but never cared enough to try to understand them. My heart was broken a few times & I grew callous & bitter. I met my wife & knew she was special & completely different. I don’t know if I knew I wanted to marry her, but I knew something from day one. Fast forward a decade or so later, three princesses & a different life. Now I’m trying to be & think differently than I ever have before. I want to understand women. I want to be able to raise my girls to be strong & healthy. I want to help them help themselves. So, small things like including healthy images in my blog is on my mind. Sorry for the rant!

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      9. That is completely wonderful, thanks for sharing. It also makes a lot of sense. You certainly aren’t putting anything out there that is raunchy, or in bad taste, or you wouldn’t have this many faithful followers. (Well, I digress, but you know what I mean…)
        I’m trying to do that very same thing, from a woman’s standpoint. It’s just as hard. To view woman as sexy, but not sex objects, to be strong, sure of themselves, that are my priority.
        I can firmly say that you are doing everything right, of course seemingly from my few hundred miles away standpoint, in full respect of your beautiful wife, and those perfect princesses. Oftentimes, we try way too hard. Carry on – you are amazing!! 🙂

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      10. I’m with you. Part of being healthy is accepting their sexuality. I want them to be truly happy adults. Thank God I have a few more years before it even becomes a topic. Thank you for being you. Clearly you’re a sane person. I definitely need that around these interwebs. Who knows how many crazies are reading this?! 😉

        PS- I think I’d have more followers if I posted raunchy stuff. Perhaps they would be of such quality though.

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      11. Clearly I’m sane?!? Do you READ what I write?? Lol. Thank-you.
        Also, I hate to break it to you, but for my oldest these topics came up beginning in Kindergarten! Was NOT ready for that business.
        Just try to have a ‘tentative’ game plan, and wing the rest. I’m sure you’ll be fine. Honestly, my oldest talks to my husband more than me about life issues, and I welcome / encourage that! A Daddy is such an important role model. We’ll talk about the gun collections later then… 😉

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      12. I want to have an open relationship with my daughters, but know I can’t force it. I know I have certain hangups that are from how I was raised. My parents did the best they could, but still I can see how I was molded (not always for the best). I’m scared I’m going to scar my girls in some way. There’s probably no way around it, I’m just aware that my actions & words will affect them more than I realize in the moment.

        I’m happy that you are out there with similar situations. It makes me feel like I’m not experiencing all this by myself!

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      13. I suspect the vast majority of us do (have these hang-ups). Recognizing where their methods could be improved upon is the first start.
        For me, realizing & respecting their (very) different personalities is key to figuring out what works for each child. I’m by no means an expert, but feel free to hit me up if you need a friendly ear to bend (or vent) to!
        You’re far from alone! 🙂

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      14. It is Murphy’s Law of Children or something, I think. The baby is just starting to come into her own…but so far she only seems intent on trying to kill herself. It’s only up from here, right?!?!

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      15. Ha ha ha! Our baby pretty much just goes around insisting the rest of us refer to her as a princess. Then she proceeds to twirl in whatever dress/nightgown she’s wearing. She’s lucky she’s cute!!!

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      16. I bet you do. You are far outnumbered, you and my husband could commiserate together…but mostly I think he loves being surrounded by pretty girls who tell him what to do. I suspect you are just the same. 😉

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      17. Yes! I never would have guessed that I would love having girls. I was always the macho guy who only wanted boys. Then the oldest was born & I completely changed my tune. I wouldn’t know what to do with a boy!

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      18. That’s too funny, because by the third, my husband didn’t even want a boy anymore (I was floored…), and he said the same thing. Girls, girls, girls, all the way! It’s puffs up his ego, I think, when I tell him we need the testosterone in here….

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