His Disturbed View Of The American Dream


His disturbed view of the American dream
Maybe he went & got tattooed one too many times
The coffee & cigarettes unfold to clear his path
Envisioned between the wondrous filth & grime
Dredged details with twists & turns of another
Hazed morning blurs direction to the local Starbucks
Elegant patrons stepping out from higher society
Rubbing shoulders with commons down on their luck
Stilettos clacking upon the tile with another escape
Former dive bar angels way past their prime
Stalking & eavesdropping into a life he’ll never know
Maybe he went to that well one too many times


17 thoughts on “His Disturbed View Of The American Dream

  1. Now, there’s something about this piece that is making me think differently about your usual pieces. It’s certainly has that disillusioned tone and loads of introspection with a little remorse as well as a slight hint of spite. I could be wrong! Wonderfully done, Casey!

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    1. This is an older one that I mixed up the rhyme order. I like it much better this way.

      I like how you described it. You know me! Ha! I try to me more hopeful about things now. I used to be very pessimistic. It is interesting to look back on how I viewed the world back then. 😃


      1. You are probably right. I honestly don’t think I’d enjoy that lifestyle. I would still, however, move to Hawaii on 500 bucks, and live in a shack. You know…if I didn’t have kids and all that. 😉

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      2. Most days I wish I was more comfortable, but I’ve never been willing to sacrifice happiness for success. My wife is probably annoyed by that, but this is the guy she married!!! I’m kinda outspoken about my stubbornness & views on the world.

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      3. I think your wife is perfectly aware of the kind of guy she married after all that time. How many secrets can you possibly have left? Best not answer that question…lol.

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