Whatever Tickles Your Pickle


Whatever tickles your pickle
As Grandpa used to say
I hate to see you go
But I love to watch you walk away
Let me show you a trick with a hole in it
But I don’t think he was talking about prostitution
Let us have a drink, I’ll explain
Perhaps we’ll come to a mutual resolution


Summer Shining Down


Summer shining down
Through open fields I’ll tramp
The sunshine speaks to me
Leaving footprints muddy & damp
Hiking through the wildflowers
Reflections of purity from fresh eyes
Returning to God’s country
Seeking communion; nature was His reply

Inadequate Feeling On A Rainy Night


Inadequate feeling on a rainy night
Tired of playing 2nd or 3rd fiddle
I know my flaws better than most
Self-loathing leaving me in the middle
Between happiness & the dour devastation
I’ll keep trucking on through to the Promised Land
No other choice, but to keep loving
It might hurt, but only the lonely understand

I Love To Wear Chucks


I love to wear Chucks
But I don’t like to converse
A quiet, unassuming soul
Though secretly a tad perverse
I may look innocent enough
Or unmemorable altogether
But I can create feelings
That’ll cure your stormy weather
But you’re a pawn of society
You want that rich, flashy guy
But money won’t buy you orgasms
Too late; you already let me pass by

Drinking Out Of The Good Crystal


Drinking out of the good crystal
Pouring another glass of Scotch
I’m not going to waste this life
I’m not going to stand by & watch
I want to get my hands dirty
Experience should be more than a page
I’m not going to live by proxy
I’m going die a virile man in my old age

The Waves Will Always Kiss The Shore


The waves will always kiss the shore
But we must continue the fight to be free
My indifference to society is documented
Perhaps we should separate & simply be
But they won’t let me go gently into the goodnight
Always come callin’ – talking about my turn
But I paid my debts with a piece of my soul
I could cry foul, but they’ll never learn

Don’t Throw Words Around Needlessly


Don’t throw words around needlessly
Some of these schmucks have been around thirty years
Tried, tested & forged these unbreakable bonds
Held each other through heartache & tears
There is real meaning behind those words
Forever isn’t some witty concept or newfangled trend
It’s a genuine & authentic lifelong bond
For you’ll know I love you when I call you my friend

I’m A Red-Blooded American


I’m a red-blooded American
Aroused by red meat & microbrews
I enjoy my lazy suburban days
A swinging hammock; dreams of you
The Great Dane snoring beside me
Hunkered down in the cool green grass
It’s far too hot for movement
I wish you were here to wiggle your ass