Perfection Is A Myth Born Out Of Time


Perfection is a myth born out of time
Wasted efforts trying to find some traction
Dropping others’ opinions into the past
Only within your own soul will you find satisfaction


15 thoughts on “Perfection Is A Myth Born Out Of Time

  1. Great poem. I was just watching this short video on women not being happy with their bodies, the message being, we should love our bodies no matter what. And I think you say this same thing, in your own words. It’s something women (and I’m sure some men to) forget, when we look at magazines,advertisements, TV and movie stars etc, they are photoshopped beyond belief, they have the perfect makeup and hair, and people who follow them around to fix it, they are often very young and don’t have an adult figure. They spend most of their time posing and working out etc… I could go on. But we all know what’s real and what’s not, it’s the media who doesn’t. Great piece Captain 🙂

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    1. I agree with you, but I think the media knows exactly what they’re doing. It’s all an effort to sell us more crap that still won’t fix the hole in our souls which they have perpetuated. Freedom of the press is an excellent thing, unless it is owned by the same faceless corporations that hawk tonics, salves & other panaceas that will never work. It’s time for the world to unplug & throw out every scale, mirror & self help book.

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