These Words Filtered Through My Soul


These words filtered through my soul
Doing my best to use proper diction
But I’m unraveling faster than I can write
& you’ve announced my life is a work of fiction
I cannot tell you any fantastical answers
When my heart is covered in grime
You say you’ve known all the truths
But your flavor of love is an ongoing crime
I never said I was good at this
Let me spin that dial; let it forever blare
The rock needs to cover my deficiencies
For it’s more than my soul I’ve bared


Huddled By The Lighthouse


Huddled by the lighthouse
With sunshine blasting my eyes
Listening to Adele in my earbuds
Drowning in humidity – no surprise
Wishing my woman was here
Simply nothing better in this heat
Stripping down in a futile effort
But then I firmly sweep her off her feet

Immune To A Power Surge


Immune to a power surge
I sit alone & quietly type
Not affected by technology
Refuse to be your modern gripe
I switched off my terrestrial radio
But I’ll still pound at these keys
I’m not cool or a trendy guy
I’m reserved, doing as I please
There’s never been an audience
Just a few genuine folks
Sharing myself sparingly
I’m better with these slow strokes
I’ll continue to conjure ideas
Preferring to use my typewriter
Nothing fancy; just a love of words
Old, but I can still pull an all nighter


Their Halls Of Strict Protocol


Their halls of strict protocol
Which ghost will you turn out to be
Haunting those spirits that never were
But only through love will we ever be free


One Fine Thing


I’m Not A Pretty Woman 


I’m not a pretty woman
I have no effective nip to slip
I’m a boring ol’ poet
Who literarily plays ‘just the tip’


No One Looks Like Me


No one looks like me
Disappearing in the shadows of the mind
Missing, but not being missed
The folds of your fear I slip behind
Forever delicate with your perfect posture
Simple steps as to never stress porcelain
Never worthy of your crowns & titles
Lurking away, I’m what could never have been


I Can’t Be What They Want


I can’t be what they want
I’m merely a broken soul
With memories that haunt
Restless when the moon is full
& pretty girls that taunt
But it was more than my heart they stole


I’m Not A Fan Of This World


I’m not a fan of this world
The treachery & expanding hate
The lies, corruption & pure evil
All deciding our collective fate
But I won’t cast my lots with them
I’d much rather go it alone
No one represents me but my own words
I reject their claims to the American throne


These Summer Days Linger Beyond Normalcy


These Summer days linger beyond normalcy
Words formulating themselves in the background
This stifling heat choking our best intents
Defunct inspiration; can’t wrap my mind around
So I take a break, adventuring into your world
Remembering everything about you; your taste & smell
Leaning against the weathered wood of the old dock
Closing my eyes, I know of your perfection, I’ll never tell