I Grew Up The Son Of A Blue Collar Worker


I grew up the son of a blue collar worker
The old man drove those freight trains
Long hours away from his family
Guiding those Iron Horses across the desert plains
But you say I had it easy – because I’m white
But there’s no retort, I cannot pop your racist balloon
I shake my head at your ignorance & wish you well
But first, let me stir my latte with this silver spoon



9 thoughts on “I Grew Up The Son Of A Blue Collar Worker

  1. Damn, you got pissed off there with someone. White, Black,Yellow, Green, whatever, I myself had a rough life like quite a lot of other White people as a matter of fact whites do make a much percentage of society and I can argue that there are more White poor guys in the Western countries than other races, but I´m pretty sure that your father worked his tail off to give you a better llife. And that is nothing to be ashamed off, to have money, nothing to be ashamed off that and I actually look up to rich people, they must be doing something good with their lifes for sure.
    Anyways, I liked the anger in the poem.

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    1. Thanks, man! Too many people want to be a victim instead of a survivor. I’m just me. I don’t represent any groups & I refuse to let any groups represent me. I shall be judged by my own actions.


    1. Thank you, Rita. People are silly these days. I won’t deny that society is messed up, but I’m responsible for it. I refuse to allow people to place the blame on me because of some misguided notion (& probably perpetuated by the media trying to sell something).

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