I’m On A Boat

I know I haven’t been a very good friend lately, but I’m going on full hiatus for a short while. Work beckons & that call cannot go unanswered. When you think of me, think good thoughts!





You’ll See A Lot Of People Moving Their Lips


You’ll see a lot of people moving their lips
Expounding on why you’re lucky they’re here
They’ll ask you to listen to their fancy words & quips
But when it’s all said & done, there’s not much to hear
There’s not a lot anyone can really explain
You need to get out & experience to know
Words are pretty, but they aren’t always properly plain
Life offers plenty of opportunity, but you’ve got to get out & go!

Pink/Green In A Pastel Plaid


Pink/green in a pastel plaid
Her skirt was a pleasant hue
A charming, interesting woman
Never seen eyes that color blue
Her legs were silky smooth
While the hem felt of terse wool
Her’s was a beauty uninterrupted
I knew I was soon to be a lovesick fool
Slow, deep kisses made me weak
Darkness; the grips of a tropical storm
My heart on the verge of falling, but
I needed more than that to keep me warm

You Won The Life Lottery


You won the life lottery
Looking’ good in those genes
Beauty transcends reality
If you know what I mean
But we’ll never see that struggle
The pain that only you can know
Not privy to backlot parlances
I can only see what you willingly show
But take advantage of weakness
For you’re no mere little girl
Devastating mix of brains & aesthetics
With determination, you’ll take the world

It’s Been An Early Morning


It’s been an early morning
So she throws her hair up in a messy bun
Heading out to the deserted beach
Trying to find some of that late summer sun
A bit of rain at dawn drove people away
In solitude, sweat begins to glisten
There’s nothing like being in nature
Finding paradise when you slow down to listen