You May Not Understand


You may not understand
The many weird traits
But I’m honest here
Slipping between our fates
You may call it flirting
There’s no intent to harm
I’m merely appreciative
Relying on subtle charm


You’ll See A Lot Of People Moving Their Lips


You’ll see a lot of people moving their lips
Expounding on why you’re lucky they’re here
They’ll ask you to listen to their fancy words & quips
But when it’s all said & done, there’s not much to hear
There’s not a lot anyone can really explain
You need to get out & experience to know
Words are pretty, but they aren’t always properly plain
Life offers plenty of opportunity, but you’ve got to get out & go!

Pink/Green In A Pastel Plaid


Pink/green in a pastel plaid
Her skirt was a pleasant hue
A charming, interesting woman
Never seen eyes that color blue
Her legs were silky smooth
While the hem felt of terse wool
Her’s was a beauty uninterrupted
I knew I was soon to be a lovesick fool
Slow, deep kisses made me weak
Darkness; the grips of a tropical storm
My heart on the verge of falling, but
I needed more than that to keep me warm

You Won The Life Lottery


You won the life lottery
Looking’ good in those genes
Beauty transcends reality
If you know what I mean
But we’ll never see that struggle
The pain that only you can know
Not privy to backlot parlances
I can only see what you willingly show
But take advantage of weakness
For you’re no mere little girl
Devastating mix of brains & aesthetics
With determination, you’ll take the world

It’s Been An Early Morning


It’s been an early morning
So she throws her hair up in a messy bun
Heading out to the deserted beach
Trying to find some of that late summer sun
A bit of rain at dawn drove people away
In solitude, sweat begins to glisten
There’s nothing like being in nature
Finding paradise when you slow down to listen

I’m Out Dancin’ In The Rain


I’m out dancin’ in the rain
You don’t understand, thinkin’ I’m weird
But I don’t care much for opinions
Too busy smilin’, sweet rain drippin’ from my beard
My toes are tappin’ their own beat
My hips swingin’ a different tune
I’ll never look back for approval
I’d rather you think I was a ravin’ loon

It’s Not Always Easy


It’s not always easy
The sheer mechanics of a task
She made it look effortless
Less complications living behind a mask
She laid quietly against the steps
A quality brick & mortar locale
A firm foundation for creativity
The loveliest & inspiring of all pen pals

Knowing This Heat Will Soon Fade


Knowing this heat will soon fade
The temps will drop into a lower phase
It won’t make these hours any easier
But know we’re watching dwindling days
I’d rather live within a fairytale
Than face reality of society’s crimes
Summer feels like I’m melting away
I beg Autumn to hasten & save our times