Shining Societal Dolls;


Shining societal dolls;
All alike in appearance
Remaning robotic in nature
Together, rigid in adherence
Decked out in the finest lace
Roaming fancy & ornate ballrooms
But you never saw beneath the mask
Preying upon all the potential bridegrooms


8 thoughts on “Shining Societal Dolls;

  1. Well, societal structures are so rampant with the search of a husband or even a “good wife” the image befits the theme. It was pretty much like some sort of sale isn’t it.

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      1. Well yes, but…. it had the cold feeling of a transaction, as you referred to before. I’m all for women approaching men and seeking what they want. I merely wish the intent was more pure, regardless of the gender. 😃

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  2. Haha. Interesting poem. You seem to talk about women being all the same. Set out to marry, find a good husband, beneath their facade hiding their hunger almost like a predatory beast. The grooms their pray. Though I think, not all grooms mind being the pray, as long as they have the right woman er, beast. Also, this reminds me a great deal of Pride and Prejudice and Emma, the goal if women in Victorian times.

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