I’m Not A Fancy Poet


I’m not a fancy poet
I don’t have a soul patch nor a beret
Within the confines of each breath
Trying to create a literary bouquet
I merely write how I feel
Without thought to how I’m perceived
No time for such arbitrary notions
True to myself, I know I’ve achieved


16 thoughts on “I’m Not A Fancy Poet

  1. I wanted to comment on your short story where the woman bought your old shirt. I think all women would understand this piece. Guys seem to love old shirts and pillows, no matter their age. Women think is gross and Alice was just helping out your wife. Not to mention, if what you dress in means absolutely nothing to you, wear something that does. It is just stuff but the right colour can lift your mood or a new shirt make you feel more together. It’s psychological but it’s better than old shirts that mean nothing right?

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    1. Ha! I tried to hide it before it was seen! WP posted it instead of scheduling it.

      I was sitting at a cafe & the story came to me. I know it’s not much, but I like it.

      I was thinking of the shirt representing a life that never came to fruition, but was comfortable. Change can strip us bare, but can be exciting & lead to better things.

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