Battered Old Blank Pages


Battered old blank pages
Waiting to be smeared by ink
Disheveled by passing time
Often fraught with more than we think
Crisp white canvas no more
Absorbing life as a passerby
So pause before you type
A silent witness to these lies


Closing My Eyes – Trying To Summon Something


Closing my eyes – trying to summon something
Playing with the answers whispered in the night
Some day maybe they’ll mean something to someone
Backlit by festive candles, I humbly begin to write

Never Conforming To Their Expectations


Never conforming to their expectations
I’m not the one to blindly follow the sheep
Choosing to wander in my own aimless dreams
I’m not the most successful man, but I can sleep
This dour old soul isn’t going to change
The long road home to avoid all their vile hate
Focusing on the virtues of love & compassion
Shrugging off the misery of sin’s enormous weight

Tip-Toeing Through The Winter Grass


Tip-toeing through the Winter grass
Fleeing the stress of the commercial crush
The system depends on extracting your soul
Serpentine before the snow is completely mush
We’ll be free once we get the hell out of town
They won’t come looking with bloodhounds or drones
We can escape & learn to live authentically again
Never valuing human life if you don’t own a cellular phone

There’s A Beautiful Woman I Know


There’s a beautiful woman I know
She’s waiting for me on the shore
The letters say she’s been lonely
Don’t want her to feel it anymore
I close my eyes & silently plead
Please Captain, full steam ahead
‘Cause I got a lady back home
& She’s waiting for me in our bed

Standing Quietly With The Cool Air Creeping


Standing quietly with the cool air creeping
Clickedy-clackedy of the mechanical keys
An accountability of evasive thought
Vulnerable notions of varying degrees
Looking for a grip of nostalgia
Something to shake loose my memories
Pulling tight my old man cardigan
Watching for the magic from within the trees

Our Delicacies Twinkled In The Night


Our delicacies twinkled in the night
Delusions riddled with discontent
Never enough to quietly fade away
Needing to know what those visions meant
But happiness isn’t some mystical trait
It can be found in such common places
Release your tight grip on fate
Trust your heart; magic usually found in traces