Bodega Highway 

 I woke up early to get out there. We met at the scenic overlook, just north of Bodega. It was a little more than a wide spot on Highway 1. It was a cool morning. The fog wasn’t really there. This was more of a mist. I was hoping it would all burn off by noon. I had only thrown a Mexican poncho over my a swimsuit. The verdict was still out on whether that was a wise decision. I was sitting on the hood of my old, beat up Volkswagen. She had seen better days, but we took care of each other. I loved being out here. A lot has been written about the ocean, but I have never read anything that comes close to what I experience. Life slowed to a manageable pace out here. It was peaceful and rejuvenating.

 “You look cold.”

 “I’ll be okay. The sun will come out eventually.” I adjusted my sunglasses atop my head, keeping my hair out of my face.

 “Here, have some of this.” She handed me a capful of coffee from her thermos.

 “Thanks.” It felt good going down my insides, warming me a bit.

 “You’re welcome. Thanks for meeting me.”


 “How did you ever become the wise one?”

 “I don’t know.” I blushed, fiddling with my keychain.

 “I never would have guessed this growing up.”

 “Me neither.”

We sat there talking about our current lives and the complications in them. We shared the coffee. When we left, both of our souls felt right with the world. The sun did come out that day. It always does.


9 thoughts on “Bodega Highway 

  1. This brought up long ago memories of nearby Muir Beach, back when the visitor’s building had been abandoned, I think it’s been brought back now. Also I learned to drive on a Bug like that, only older, with taillights the size of lemons & no gas gauge haha

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