Which Way Do The Scales Tip

Which way do the scales tip
Unconscious decisions of the night
You don’t think there’s much difference
But I quietly think there just might


Which Path Of Least Resistance


Which path of least resistance
Funneling down through thought
A tranquil trickle of inspiration
When words have come all for naught
How do we continue on from now
Where do we travel to be secure
Life’s activities intriguing & indulging
But you must follow through to be sure

Dapper With All My Finest Duds On Display 

Dapper with all my finest duds on display
Watching all the pretty ladies flock
Away – toward a soulless, vapid jerk
I see them lose their composure as they gawk
But it’s going to be okay, eventually
For life usually ends up the way it should
I’m still going to be resolute in my love
Confident with my hand, but I’ll still knock on wood

Inching Toward The Gate


Inching toward the gate
A long year now seemingly behind us
We’re weary, we’re tired beyond sense
But the people don’t care for your fuss
Just be cool, then we’ll be on our way
A little farther, then we’ll be just fine
Away from the dreary complications
Emerging from the strife into the sunshine

Tired Of The Ancient Traditions


Tired of the ancient traditions
Feeling scared of former neglect
Provocations of patriarchy’s past
Though, I’m here to firmly reject
Everything outside of our union
Reallocating life to its proper size
Knocking over their pedestals myself
Escaping from undutiful, prying eyes

The Isolation Of Not Feeling Respected


The isolation of not feeling respected
Not remembering the taste of value
Toiling away until after the sun sleeps
Self loathing when the day is through
Pain of existence/weight of darkness
The tides rolling against our fates
Nothing left when you’re this alone
When in doubt, let the sunshine infiltrate

Walking Out To The Center Of The Room


Walking out to the center of the room
Eyes focused on her, I’m exceeding my luck
She’s looking ravishing in her delicate gown
My dashing lass; perfect reason to don a tux
I’m the model of gentlemanly restraint
Our dancing confirms she’s forever mine
Each step, further into our carnal trance
Hearts & souls fatefully, eternally intertwined