Time To Shake Loose


Time to shake loose
With the rhythm of the keys
I’m no longer hopelessly desperate
I’ve dried up all my careless pleas
In the whirlwind, I’ve found my calm
You question my worth, but I just stare
Within my own skin, I selfishly create
Hate & jealousy left, I’m now blissfully unaware


19 thoughts on “Time To Shake Loose

  1. Interesting that you’re a man in a woman’s world, and I’m a woman in a man’s world (3 sons).
    Sometimes I wonder if creativity can be taught or if someone is born with it? I live in such a grey world, many seem to be easily black or white in their thinking. Grey is so much more interesting. 🙂

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    1. I think creativity is that grey area. Some people are obviously blessed with greater degrees, but the nurturing of it can open it up in those who lay dormant.

      My world is definitely not grey. It’s hot pink! 😃


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