I’m So Happy, I’ll Dance You A Jig


I’m so happy, I’ll dance you a jig
With my eyes open, these dreams so big
Still living this life with childhood eyes
Truth always revealed as the tears dried
Sailing ships, battered by wind & storm
Ignoring reason, logic & the accepted norm
Life gets hectic, it’s often a terrible mess
Never grow up, push past into happiness
Fairy influence & the magic it might behold
Let us go now & create a story that’s yet untold
Where love & insanity will always meet
The freedom within our wild heartbeats
Close your eyes, finding something lost
Your favorite memory forever embossed
Tossed into slumbering pages of a book
Captive audiences held by Captain Hook
The golden cutlass, the prize of his plunder
Sharp, but wit marks our Boy Wonder
The best things in life are never planned
Without remorse, we return to Neverland


5 thoughts on “I’m So Happy, I’ll Dance You A Jig

  1. This brought such a needed smile! : ) Thank you!
    You are a truly creative one, Peter. It would appear you’ve found your happy place! Fly!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, all things are possible when you take reality out of the equation! Geniuses were thought to be crazy, because they were unrestrained by reality.
        As long as you know there is a reality and choose to ignore it, I won’t worry about you. : ) That is why children are so delightful. They believe anything is possible, because they know they don’t know everything. It’s unfortunate we loose that gift as we grow into thinking we know everything. It wasn’t that long ago, people would have thought me crazy to believe I could talk to someone through the air on the other side of the world. You ready to fly today, Peter?
        Huge smile… : )

        Liked by 1 person

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