I See A Foot Tapping

I see a foot tapping

You’ve kicked off your heels

Pantyhose covered toes

Curves I’m meant to feel

I’m trying to catch your eye

Can’t hear a word I try to say

You’re off in your own world

Listening through Beats by Dre


5 thoughts on “I See A Foot Tapping

      1. Aye, Capt’n, I’m swell. I hope you are too!
        The poppies are spotted,
        the cry of the rain,
        Ready to fly.
        I hope you’ve found your happy place against the waves.
        : )

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      2. Great to hear! I’m surviving even though I have a long way to go. I’m currently in Norway. It’s snowing. It’s breathtaking & inspiring. I hope to write something decent with these memories. 🇳🇴❄️


  1. Wow, how beautiful. I will probably never get to Norway in my lifetime. I look forward to you bringing it to me. : ). The river of adventure inspires lonely men. Skate lightly … : )


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