You Have Your Notions Of Me

You have your notions of me
Whether it’s my rugged good looks
Or I’m a notorious scalawag
But neither a hero or a crook
I’m not a man of much persuasion
Nor am I a wild west outlaw
I choose to wear the eyepatch
But I’m more of a gentleman with flaws

I write fast & love slow
Without a care of what they say about me
When you have faith
You never have to wait & see

I quietly find my secrets within
Descended from that beautiful literary brogue
To hell with the naysayers; we’re gonna have fun
I’ll be your host tonight, the swashunbuckling rogue
Many out there won’t warm to my charm
Not their cup of tea or simply they’ve no style
But you of good taste & reknown class
Come share a spot with the one with the mischievous smile


14 thoughts on “You Have Your Notions Of Me

  1. I think your poetry is one character or role you take on but your job, the husband you are to your wife, and the Dad you are to your daughters are all other roles and parts of you. But maybe you like being seen as you are a post?

    Great poetry as usual and hope all is well 🙂

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  2. I liked this one a lot. “I write fast and love slow” was a beautiful line. This one has an introspective feel. Writing like this increases the notions…. : )

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      1. It brought a smile to see your mug : ) in my comment queue. I am feisty as ever, and I am thrilled to know you are healthy, well, and writing so beautifully. Very talented.
        Don’t let the mermaids get you! : )

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