The World Is Changing

A Re-Post with a new audio recording attached.


The world is changing
We’re redefining sexiness of sorts
I don’t need all those buckles & straps
I can’t help but devour you in those boy shorts
I feel like a pirate with that booty
Making sure I get a firm grip
Can’t keep my hands off you
Damn woman, you’ve sunk my battleship

*previously published on former blog


16 thoughts on “The World Is Changing

      1. Giggle … I wouldn’t say horrible …. Honestly you have a sexy voice, but it felt a little like you were simply reading it. Try closing your eyes and picture your beauty and pretend your saying it to her. I’m telling you if you were to whisper those sexy words, her boy shorts would come flying off, sailor boy! They’re sexy and fun. I loved hearing it from you, that’s awesome! : )

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