The Uncertainty Of Emotion


The uncertainty of emotion
Fascination tinged with a little fear
All of love’s richest possibilities
Hold fast when you unclasp your brassiere


22 thoughts on “The Uncertainty Of Emotion

      1. That’s a lovely thing to say. I’m happy too, kind Sir! 😊
        I have to say my interactions on WordPress are so upbeat, polite and heart warming I’m transferring the habits into everyday life. Are you finding this?

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      2. For the most part, yes. I’ve encountered a troll or two, a stalkerish maiden one time, but the overwhelming interactions have been positive. I’m truly grateful for the community I have found here. In fact, my favorite people on other formats are from WP!

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      3. A stalkerish maiden!! Yikes!

        I do agree about the favourite people comment… WP folk are also terrific Instagram photographers and interesting emailers. I had the great pleasure of meeting one face to face on a recent European vacation too. She was fabulous!

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