The Words Aren’t Perfect




The words aren’t perfect
But they really don’t need to be
Leaving behind the beach &
Chilly winds coming off the sea
She could’ve done much better
But something about me caught
Like a rash that wouldn’t go away
Lucky me! Somehow she thinks I’m hot


Hair Pulled Back, Eyes Down


Hair pulled back, eyes down
To avoid my affectionate stare
You cannot fathom my attraction
& you shoot me an annoyed glare
You don’t feel so pretty
You say you’re not ready for the day
But that never mattered to me
For I’ll continue to love you anyway

Please Stop


Please stop apologizing, girls
I’ll tell you when you’ve crossed a line
You can tell me anything
Let me pour ya’ll another glass of wine
There’s no reason for us not to talk
About anything that burdens your mind
So, unload your pretty lil’ heads
Let the night wander to where it might find