Those Words Come To Me In Those Coffee Dreams

Those words come to me in those coffee dreams
A spontaneous marvel of literary delight
There’s a difference between manufactured beauty
& a real beauty, founded by nature’s authentic right
But I can’t explain the nuances with the definition
I’m not one to judge such subjective whims
Focusing on my own qualms & dangling thoughts
Let us sit, pour another cup, let’s solve these problems
I’m not bothered by such trifling issues as rules
Let them worry about my intents & being misconstrued
I let my chosen pages explain all I’m willing to
I’m more concerned if that pot has finished its brew


I Don’t Want To Hear Any More About Poetry





I don’t want to hear any more about poetry
I just want to write; I just want to feel
I don’t want to hear how I should be me
Just let me live this life, allow me to be real

She’s Looking So Fly






She’s looking so fly
Perfect 10 on that Instagram feed
Don’t try to sell me anything
Just wanna see her authentic
Cannot compete with a weaponized vagina
An angry & bitter woman
With pent up rage
Who was the boy
To make her this way

Don’t Throw Words Around Needlessly


Don’t throw words around needlessly
Some of these schmucks have been around thirty years
Tried, tested & forged these unbreakable bonds
Held each other through heartache & tears
There is real meaning behind those words
Forever isn’t some witty concept or newfangled trend
It’s a genuine & authentic lifelong bond
For you’ll know I love you when I call you my friend

Love Is More Than A Fancy Dance Around The Room


Love is more than a fancy dance around the room
It exists in the quiet hours when the crowds have gone
You must face your insecurities in the stark light
An island – forever revealed with the coming dawn
It is just you & your chosen one, as the sun rises
Afloat in a rickety boat drifting along the swamp
Spanish moss hanging down from the trees
Together; all your doubts & fears you just stomp
No matter the darkness your eyes might see
There’s a authentic foundation under your vows
Hold each other close & know you’re never alone
Patiently love – you’ve made a promise to eternity now

We Can Choose To Be Who We Wish

We can choose to be who we wish
Or we can try to be something we’re not
But the Earth keeps spinning around
Illusion or otherwise, this one’s gonna be hot
But I want to be something a little more real
To live authentically in spite of society’s pressure
I will not be goaded into buying demeaning products
I’ll remain true & gentlemanly as I stay a dapper dresser


I Won’t Listen


I won’t listen
To whispers & how you judge
I’m quite adamant in my refusal
I’ll pay no heed to your rude little nudge
You can keep your disciplines
They’re not worthy for me to see
I’ll continue to write how I authentically feel
For I’m the the best at being me