I See You Trying To Be Clever


I see you trying to be clever
But the truth is – no one cares
You’re putting on a show
& everyone is painfully aware
Take your wit & go
Continue on & find someone lesser
I’m too busy for your instigations
In case you didn’t notice, I’m a snazzy dresser


I’m A Slut To My Form


I’m a slut to my form
I don’t think there’s a discussion
To be had about that
I’m giving in to my own repercussions
I know what I’m doing
I’ve been yelling this for years
Don’t care for your rules or charges
Simply running headlong into our fears

Resting Against A Palm


Resting against a palm
Girls dancing in sepia tones
Dripping in summer hues
Reaching out on a cellular phone
Locals within their beaches
A home in the sweet, salty air
Life set at a softer pace
Of nothing more peaceful I’m aware