It Was A Staggered Existence


It was a staggered existence
Feeling the cooler lights
Learning how to survive & cope
When mired in the fright
Stability, an exaggerated tale
Leaning toward clearer skies
The only path to redemption
Begins when you live without lies


Where’s Your Smile


Where’s your smile
Where’s your happy thoughts
A positive outlook is needed
A return to Neverland is sought
A slight glimmer from the stars
Reflecting back to us; our own hope
Embrace all the love we can find
For it’s the only way to cope

Life Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

Life doesn’t have to be difficult
It’s not easy or perfect or always fun
Often times we must merely survive
It’s all a cycle – a promise of a rising sun
Keep vigilant & maintain the good fight
Anything is possible when you have hope
Let us go into battle hand in hand
But first – a quickie would really help me cope