Pablo Neruda


“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.”
― Pablo Neruda


Keep A Passing Eye On Fortune


Keep a passing eye on fortune
Elevated from a closing remark
Cutting eyes in a curious direction
Distracted by life on a lark

She Was Telling Stories About Her Darker Creases


She was telling stories about her darker creases
Seaside jaunts with a tireless string of boys
Social classifications leaving us feeling abused
Systematically wearing down a soul without any noise
Searching for fun in spite of former cuts & bruises
Sensations nearing proportions of hazy juvenile tales
Snapping to after another round of spirited friends
Sold on a notion even though our memory may fail
Sandy journeys bring us back to where we were lost
Still meandering around the area we remember most
Striking out to change the way our life unfolded
Stagnant when we finally return back from the coast