I’m Searching For Autumn & Eventually Winter




I’m searching for Autumn & eventually Winter
Two ladies, I’ve been keeping lingering eyes
The seasons swirl & want to fall for how I feel
Stubborn Summer; each dawn continuing to rise


My Foot Feelin’ like Wigglin’


My foot feelin’ like wigglin’
My hips want to dance to the beat
But society wants us dumb & dour
Scoff as we groove in the streets
It’s a whole new world, this 2017
We need to make the most of the year
Grow – force yourself to change
Status quo; wretched abyss of your peers

Revisionist’s History Of Love


Revisionist’s history of love
A small takedown on the front lawn
Society’s matron’s clucking away
Whispers won’t counteract the dawn
She was an embarrassment of riches
Maintaining a look, polished & dapper
She fell in love with images of marble
Though remaining Fitz’s Lost Little Flapper
Never man enough between her sheets
Circumspect when they found her on the grass
A little more disheveled than she preferred
Especially with that skirt that couldn’t cover her ass

Love Is More Than A Fancy Dance Around The Room


Love is more than a fancy dance around the room
It exists in the quiet hours when the crowds have gone
You must face your insecurities in the stark light
An island – forever revealed with the coming dawn
It is just you & your chosen one, as the sun rises
Afloat in a rickety boat drifting along the swamp
Spanish moss hanging down from the trees
Together; all your doubts & fears you just stomp
No matter the darkness your eyes might see
There’s a authentic foundation under your vows
Hold each other close & know you’re never alone
Patiently love – you’ve made a promise to eternity now

I’m An Old Man These Days


I’m an old man these days
With only memories to tell
Dreams have faded away
Leaving me little to dwell
But I can still remember
My wee friends at dawn
Months after December
The fairies & the Leprechauns
Without who I’d be forever lost
Standing mightily on my Shillelagh
At home with me until the first frost
Walking through the garden daily

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Catcalls At Dawn


Catcalls at dawn
It’s too early for this
I haven’t had my coffee
Please settle down there, Miss
I need a moment
For I enjoy this attention
Such important thoughts
Are beyond my comprehension

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Knowing The Sun Will Shine Again


Knowing the sun will shine again
I sit here basking in the midnight air
A quiet sip from my enduring courage
Thinking naughty thoughts of my lady fair
Knowing I can’t sleep when I can write
I fall back into my imaginative stupor
Only to be shook by the dawn’s yawn
Daylight kicks me swift, right in the pooper

I’ve Had Enough


I’ve had enough
Of the criminals getting media spotlight
Crying that the cops were too harsh
But I can’t let my family go out at night
People would be a lot more polite, I’m sure
If we brought back duels at dawn
I’ll return to being a grumpy old white man
Now, get the fuck off my lawn