Delusions Of Grandeur


Delusions of grandeur
Bigs plans after the morning carafe
Epic confidence & endless energy
Race a hippo or arm wrestle a giraffe
No, you won’t be talked out of it
You’re feeling good – awfully frisky
It’s time to grab the bull by the horns
Perhaps, you shouldn’t have added all that whisky!


Fishnets & High Heels

Fishnets & high heels

Images slipped into the mail

My eyebrows raised

A galactic technology fail

Dying of embarrassment 

You truly know how to please

But I never really looked

Making you an epic tease

I Just Want To Love You


I just want to love you
With no drama or distractions
I want to focus on your desires
Us; & our primal interactions
I’ll write of our epic romance
How my forever feels on your lips
But until we can touch again
With anticipation you’ll drip