Don’t Tell Me About Sacrifice


Don’t tell me about sacrifice
I don’t need your hypocritical words
A notion merely secondhand
A duty you constantly deferred
With my family soundly asleep
I’ll carry my seabag back to the dock
Taking with me their prayers
Never survive without them – my rock


All The Dominoes Lined Up Perfectly


All the dominoes lined up perfectly
Careful to make sure nothing descends
Foundations & structures relatively stable
We try to mask our fear, but it’s all pretend
The show must go on, in spite of internal toils
Lace up those boots & head out into the storm
Cinch the coat tightly around your broken heart
Prepare your soul, despair comes in many forms

Love Is More Than A Fancy Dance Around The Room


Love is more than a fancy dance around the room
It exists in the quiet hours when the crowds have gone
You must face your insecurities in the stark light
An island – forever revealed with the coming dawn
It is just you & your chosen one, as the sun rises
Afloat in a rickety boat drifting along the swamp
Spanish moss hanging down from the trees
Together; all your doubts & fears you just stomp
No matter the darkness your eyes might see
There’s a authentic foundation under your vows
Hold each other close & know you’re never alone
Patiently love – you’ve made a promise to eternity now


Sometimes You Have To Let Go


Sometimes you have to let go

Walk away from all the hurt

Keep going until you can’t

Embrace where the sea takes the dirt

Let all your problems go

Let them wash away forever from here

You’ll find your rock – a foundation

& then their love will be abundantly clear