I Can’t Be Bothered By All Their Thoughts




I can’t be bothered by all their thoughts
The world isn’t privy to what’s in my head
Unworthy judgements coming from their ignorance
When they should be soaking in silence instead
There is no desire to join them in ineptitude
Allowing them to blockade all my cerebral dreams
Dropping out of society’s ungraceful farce
Do as you wish, but I’ll never join the mainstream


I’m Looking For Some Ignorance


I’m looking for some ignorance
I’m trying to be happy anywhere
The world wants to steal my smile
Threatening my soul, thinking I wouldn’t dare
But they don’t know how dumb I can be
Stubborn as a cross-eyed mule
They better come with all they’ve got
For I’m the exception that always proves the rule

I Grew Up The Son Of A Blue Collar Worker


I grew up the son of a blue collar worker
The old man drove those freight trains
Long hours away from his family
Guiding those Iron Horses across the desert plains
But you say I had it easy – because I’m white
But there’s no retort, I cannot pop your racist balloon
I shake my head at your ignorance & wish you well
But first, let me stir my latte with this silver spoon