None Of Us Are Immune To Heartbreak


None of us are immune to heartbreak
We are fragile souls searching for peace
Never so confident, if we’re honest
I know I’m anxious with this life’s lease
But I have to keep waking up early
Start each morning watching the coffee drip
Long hours to make her life a little better
Hoping to end each one embraced in her lips


Not Trying To Be Wittier Than You


Not trying to be wittier than you

Perhaps I just am

You launch into hate

But I still don’t give a damn

Loud noises in place of words

You may stop with all your needs

My soul is immune to you

You say “asshole!” I say “indeed”

The Wind Howling At Midnight


The wind howling at midnight
Broken windows – open to the outside air
Exposed to the communal by-passer
Her soul had fallen into disrepair
Fatigue & listless emotions manifesting
Immune to careless compliments
Time to pause & regroup her focus
Happiness born from common sense