Walking Down The Street On All Saints Day






Walking down the street on All Saints Day
Victrolas on display at the corner store
Aflirtatious greeting with the local beauty
She always smiles, but never asks for more
You’ve created another aura within her
Casting her a red-blooded in your pulp fantasy
A polite lady with those vicious high heels
Mental interludes without consent, it seems to me
Take your dreams & exit stage left
You tried to court &failed, life’s not fair
Let a true gentleman whisper elegant words
She’ll open up her passion, exposing her silky pair


You Don’t Want To Know

You don’t want to know
What I’m actually thinking
A disturbed mental state
Even when I haven’t been drinking
Such perverted notions
That I keep hidden in here
To ward off any rejection
Each day, tempered in fear