You Can’t Handle My Romance


You can’t handle my romance

Oozing from every pore

I don’t look like much

An outcast marooned on the shore

I may be a hopeless case

When I’m caught up in how I feel

In tune with my sensitivity

I may not be perfect, but I’m real


Flesh Will Droop, Drop & Sag


Flesh will droop, drop & sag
& my absolute infatuation continues
A dirty old man, I’ll perpetually be
Every view of you – I feel romance
I’m gonna be that 100 year old
With excitement for you in his pants

*previously posted on former blog

I Just Want To Love You


I just want to love you
With no drama or distractions
I want to focus on your desires
Us; & our primal interactions
I’ll write of our epic romance
How my forever feels on your lips
But until we can touch again
With anticipation you’ll drip