Sudden Change




Charlotte Underwood, fresh out of the shower, sat down in front of her vanity. The bedroom was dimly lit, but she could see well enough. After a long look into the oval mirror, she applied lotion to her body. The movements were slow and methodical. There was no hurry to her actions.

Her eyes kept returning to the reflection in the mirror. An unrest growing within her. Contemplation, if not outright judgement, burned behind her eyes.

With her skin properly moisturized, she picked up her favorite brush and began to attend her hair. With long and thorough strokes, Charlotte brushed her hair until it was silky and smooth. Her nightly ritual was to pamper her hair, making sure there were no knots or tangles.

Charlotte kept eye contact with her reflection. She thought back to youthful conversations with boyfriends. She was always persuaded to keep it long, even when she had a strong desire to cut it shorter. Never wanting to displease anyone, she kept it long and brushed it out each night.

None of those boys stuck around for long enough to make any serious impact on her life, but they took up her youth. The fresh years when she might have experimented, stretching her boundaries and comfort zone. She would never know those possibilities now. Those boys had made the length her hair seem to be special, as if by cutting it, she would lessen her own value. 

Still brushing her hair, Charlotte grew resentful of those who came before, the ones who she hadn’t been assertive enough to say no to. She wished she could grab their memory and yell “No!” to them. “No, you will not interfere with my desires!” She was not some Rapunzel to keep pristine.

Charlotte set the brush down and took a deep breath. She opened a drawer and took out a pair of scissors. She closed her eyes and cut the precious locks to chin length, letting the disembodied strands fall to the floor.

She was shocked to see what she had done. She had actually done it; finally. There was no turning back now. The task needed to be completed and so she did. Wide eyed, she sat frozen in her chair. 

There was something else missing. An idea formed in her head. She has seen several women on Instagram with short hair she was always jealous of. Charlotte rummaged under the sink and found clippers. She shaved the sides of her head and put the remaining hair back in a stubby ponytail. Examining it from all sides, Charlotte decided she really liked it. She was excited and giddy. Her hair had a punk vibe she had never been able to feel when she was younger.

Charlotte stood, letting her towel fall to the floor. She picked out panties and two sports bras. She slowly and deliberately got dressed. She found running shorts and a tank top. She double knotted her sneakers and adjusted herself in the mirror. Running her fingers through her fresh coif, Charlotte smiled to her reflection.

“I’m going for a run.” Charlotte turned around and walked confidently out the door.

On her bed, a very naked man lay bound and gagged. His eyes explained that he was in no position to make any decisions.


Dancin’ On The Dew Drops





Dancin’ on the dew drops
Behind the magic of the unseen
Lettin’ the sun shine through
Another morning light & serene
Duck & dive past negativity
Run free; barefoot on the grass
Soak up all of nature’s joy
I’m gonna go pinch my woman on the ass


Watching The Storms On The Horizon




Watching the storms on the horizon
Keeping my brim down low
The sunshine warming my back
Clouds; thoughts the Lord only knows
But it won’t always be this warm
Where I’m going, a chills to be found
Turbulence, but I’m forever loyal
Focused; I won’t let us run aground

You Know The Type

You know the type

Running off to sail the oceans

Claiming to be a dread pirate

Wishing for some sort of motion

A stagnant life killing the soul

Truth is, he only ever wanted to be with you

This is the life chosen, so time to live

Easy to forget the water’s real hue

Running Headlong Into Winter


Running headlong into Winter
The cold air forced inside my lungs
Stopping abruptly at the end of the dock
Arms out, catching a snowflake on my tongue
I ran out of land again
Isolated out here with my soul about to freeze
There’s no place left to escape
Shanghai’d again! My fate lies on the high seas

Life Has A Way Of Working Out


Life has a way of working out

When you rise in the early morning hours

Sip your coffee & focus on the positive

You’ll find inner strength, not superpowers

Quietly sending out the proper vibes

Some days – be humble & pay your dues

Keep calm & marinate in your good karma

For soon, you’ll be running around in your Underoos

Once Again Fog Hides The City Away


Once again fog hides the City away

No worries about being burnt by the sun

Another beautiful morning by the Bay

My legs have grown tired, I can no longer run

I need to rest down by the docks

I’m here to start a new life by the coast

No longer shall live life by the clocks

Life in the desert was only tolerable at most

I’m looking for a woman with golden hair

I wish to rest my head where I no longer weep

She said she’d be waiting out there

Will I ever get any of that peaceful sleep

My Soul Fills With Song For Uncle Walt


My soul fills with song for Uncle Walt
Years of running in circles
Trying to find my voice
He whispered his love in my ear
My wheels slipping on the rails
I turn, ready for the future
Ripping down my walls
Looking outside for someone to share
Hiding in shadows no more
I shall set sail for those lost dreams