Epiphanies In The Night





Epiphanies in the night
The music striking your brain
The darkness evaporates
Knowledge is a blinding pain
Never again to be the same
Altered from the inside out
Your soul enhancing
Growth is what life’s all about


Art Survives In This Modern Society





Art survives in this modern society
It hasn’t fallen away with technology’s rise
The oppressive stench of hate hasn’t quelled
Our need to unload a soul without compromise
Imagination is one of the few things we have left
Untouched by their ever growing, catastrophic greed
Washington is all the same, no matter how you voted
Within ourselves, through art, we can truly be freed

Not Always Looking From The Same Perspective


Not always looking from the same perspective
Taking time to wallow in your own needs
Allowing life to hang in the Summer winds
Recover yourself before your soul bleeds


Allen Ginsberg


“We are great writers on the same dreadful typewriter.”
― Allen Ginsberg, Howl and Other Poems