I’m Enthralled By The Details Under Your Dress


I’m enthralled by the details under your dress
I’m focused on lace & the embroidered rose
I’m here to pay attention & relieve your stress
Whispers words that won’t leave your legs closed


I Try So Hard To Be Positive





I try so hard to be positive
I try to elude this building hate
The stress & pressures mount
Escaping this forthcoming fate
How do we overcome their frustrations
Without ever accepting any less
The world grinds away at your soul
Which path to find internal success
There must be a concise answer
The route providing unbridled glee
Each day another chance to smile
& take each happiness as a victory

Summer Comes Crashing Down Upon Us


Summer comes crashing down upon us
The cliches of sunshine cannot be overstated
We grow warmer & friendlier in the heat
The smiles & the bright sky are interrelated
We’ve been bundled up for far too long
Fleeing society for the beaches to lessen stress
Stripping yourself of these daily burdens
Smelling of sweat & suntan lotion as we undress

I Don’t Write To Impress


I don’t write to impress
I write to release stress
Words are my soul’s gentle music
Remembering not to confuse it
It all flows & eases my pain
This is a must to keep me sane
Creative thoughts flood like a fountain
Emotions continue to build like a mountain
They erupt and explode across the land
They’re my creation & I still don’t understand

I’ll Send You Love Notes


I’ll send you love notes throughout the day

Explaining how much you mean to me

Instructions for the coming nightfall

Details & negotiations for once you’re free

We need to get rid of all the day’s stress

Let us forget about tomorrow’s obligations

I’ll start by removing my clothes first

It’ll be a beginning to your eventual inspiration

Silent Elephants


Our days flowed into each other. Typing away our best in the daily routine. I couldn’t help but have a sly smile on my face. I don’t know what you wanted from me. I merely tried my best. You were never outwardly hostile to me, but it felt that way. It made me feel like I was the bad guy in every argument. I just wanted to live in peace. I just wanted to find a balance in this world with you as my central pivot. Why is that such a hindrance to you?

I felt the rush of your presence. I hadn’t noticed you come upon me. I had been focused on typing up my report. You just hovered behind me, watching me silently type. The only sounds were the click clacking of the keys and the soft hum of the space heater beneath my desk. At some point I became aware of you, but I made no effort to cease my typing. I needed to complete this project and get out of the work spaces. I had spent too many tireless hours here and it was time to recharge my constitution.

“How much longer?”

“This is my last page.”

“Do you want to meet downstairs when you’re finished?”

“Sure.” I was exhausted. “But only one.”

“You okay?”

“Yeah, this project is just stressing me out.”

“We don’t have to.”

“It’s okay.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’ll be done in a few. I will meet you down there.”

There was something clearly wrong with us, but I could never figure it out. The tension was killing me. There was the silent elephant crowding us out of the room. Perhaps one day it would force us to actually talk about the issues at hand. I guess until then we would continue this pantomime of a life.

Life Gets Complicated – A Furious Mess


Life gets complicated – a furious mess

Undisclosed pain seeping out at the worst time

Stress building towards a fatal fracture

Exit stage right – I need an island & a lime

I want to get my toes dirty in the sand

& find a way to cleanse this sutured heart

To be free from the burden of this memory

To become salt laden before it all falls apart