Word By Structured Word


Word by structured word
Searching for concrete textuality
She dropped her handkerchief coyly
Never again to forget her sexuality
Her head thrown back in a laugh
What makes her heart quicken its beat
I’m pacing – racking my distracted brain
Inspired to write, I hasten to take a seat


Neat, Ordered & Straight


Neat, ordered & straight
I’ll never understand
Structured life, I’ll never relate

Always livin’ on a whim
Deep in spontaneous life
Chances of calming, pretty slim

Maybe Those Were The Days


Maybe those were the days
I wasn’t so perfect, structured or neat
Rebelling against all humanity
Could’t tell the difference in defeat
A crooked line to follow
A wrinkled brow upon the figurehead
Our dreams fractured when applied
Lost within reality’s pragmatism instead


A Poetess Of No Structure


A poetess of no structure
I bet you taste sweeter
Your passion runs within
Not to be contained
By any man nor concept
You hold the key
For your own release