Alternative Methods

I’m still having some issues around these parts. I haven’t made any long term decisions. In the meantime, if you want to find me I will be embarrassing myself on my TwitterMachine.

I also have a private Instagram account, if you’re feeling lucky.

Some of you have been great friends, some complete douchenozzles & there have been a few trolls. Overall, I’ve enjoyed my experiences here. I’m not saying goodbye, I’m just not willing to waste my time not achieving something. If you care, come find me. Who knows, I’m a moody bastard. I might be back here posting 4 times a day in the near future. I doubt it.



WordPress Issues – Yet Again

I’m back to not being able to like or comment on wordpress again.  I’m going to step away & not let them get me pissed off. Hopefully the content that I’ve scheduled will still work.

I’m going to drink some coffee and take some breaths.

Perhaps I need to take up meditation. But I think the yoga pants would reveal too much.